The ability to maintain our balance is linked to multiple processes in our body, including muscles and joints, vision, and our inner ear. As we age, there are changes in all of these systems that result in a loss of steadiness and an increased risk of falling. If you’ve ever experienced dizziness or unsteadiness while walking, going up and down stairs, or getting up out of a chair, the Balance Program at Therapydia Rutland can help. Falling is not inevitable as we age. With training, your balance can improve.

Therapydia Rutland’s Balance Program is a comprehensive program designed to address all of the body’s physiological systems that control balance. Our physical therapists will work with you one-on-one using evidence-based treatments to create a customized plan with the goal of improving everyday function, preventing falls, and helping you restore the confidence needed for greater independence. During your first visit, your physical therapist will take you through:

• A discussion about your balance history and goals
• Functional walking tests that assess your balance and fall risk
• Muscle and joint testing to look at strength and range of motion
• Sensation testing to see how well you feel your feet

Based on your unique results, your physical therapist will tailor a treatment plan based on your needs and goals. Your Balance Program may include:

• Balance exercises
• Flexibility and strengthening exercises
• Posture training
• Fall prevention and balance retraining
• Fitness and wellness programs
• Weekly chair yoga classes
• Education about how your home environment can affect your balance

If you’re not sure if the Balance Program is right for you, this Single Leg Stance test is a great way to test your balance:

  1. Stand near a kitchen counter or a chair in case you need the support.
  2. With your arms at your side or hovering over the counter, raise one leg off the floor with your hips bent to 45 degrees and your knee to 90 degrees.
  3. Looking straight forward, balance on one leg for 5-10 seconds.
  4. Close your eyes and hold for the time below that matches your age.

Age 20-49: 24-29 seconds
Age 50-59: 21 seconds
Age 60-69: 10 seconds
Age 70-79: 4 seconds

If you’re unable to complete this test successfully, come in and see one of our physical therapists today.

At Therapydia Rutland, your physical therapist will develop an individualized program to enhance balance, whether to prevent a debilitating fall or to improve everyday activities to help you live more independently. For more information or to schedule your balance assessment, give us a call at (802) 265 1381.