Therapydia’s Run Analysis is a systematic method for determining whether or not your running movement patterns are correlated with known evidence for injury and what altered mechanics you have that puts you at risk of injury. Our Run Analysis can determine whether a runner’s choice of technique is compatible with the ability to apply it and we will examine your strengths, weaknesses, and mechanical challenges involved in allowing running to be more efficient, more enjoyable, and most importantly, injury and pain-free. We also help runners who are experiencing pain improve their strength and teaching them methods to prevent future injuries.

Improve Your Mile Times

During your run assessment, you will undergo a thorough exam of strength, flexibility, movement patterns and running form, combining current technology with other assessment techniques. Your run assessment will start with a video run analysis that will give us insight into your current gait and posture and will help us identify any areas that are at risk of injury. We’ll access how you make your initial contact, how much you bend your knees and the amount of shock placed on them and how you toe off. Whether you’re competitive athlete looking for the next endurance challenge, or brand new to the sport of running, our running assessment is customized for runners of all levels.
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Safely Return To Running

Pavement, trails and treadmills all impact your joints. Common injuries we’ve seen and treated include: Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Runner’s Knee and Shin Splints.

For runners looking to recover from their running injury, you will undergo a run assessment and range and motion examination for us to gather your current state. These will act as baselines of your recovery and by the end of your physical therapy treatment, we will assess the improvement is these functional areas. You will be re-screened at the end of your physical therapy treatment to ensure you reach your running goals.

Similar to life’s many potential paths, we will work with you to plan a physical therapy regime that will incorporate multiple methods of treatments which can including manual therapy, yoga and TRX to get you back to the sport you love.

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