TRX Class Schedule

Monday 5:30-6:30p

Wednesday 5:30-6:30p

Thursday 12:15-1:15p

All TRX classes are held in 6 week sessions.  Our next 6 week session begins the week of October 13th. Call to register!

An exercise with roots in the military, TRX® Suspension Training has become popular with professional and recreational athletes by using bodyweight to develop strength, core stability, flexibility and balance. However, TRX® Suspension Training can be just as beneficial during the rehabilitation process. At Therapydia Rutland, TRX® is incorporated into physical therapy treatments to unload healing tissues, teach movement and ensure safety while recovering from injury. Once clients have completed their physical therapy treatment, TRX® may be used for higher-level strength and conditioning. Team member Scott, leads Therapydia Rutland’s TRX Suspension Training program and has been a TRX-educated Group Suspension Training Instructor since 2012.

Please call the Therapydia Rutland to register or free a free demo!