Upcoming Yoga Classes

Monday Nights from 11/5 to 11/26
5:30pm – 6:45pm
Intermediate-Advanced level Yoga: 4-Week Series

This moderate to vigorous class will allow for a deeper practice and is geared toward yogis who have practiced for a while. This does not require mastery of any advanced poses – more an awareness of your own ability to approach poses safely and that you have an understanding of the wider scope that a full yoga practice can be. This class includes both pranayama practice and deep relaxation.

Please call Therapydia at 802-772-7801 to sign up ahead of time.
Instructor: Parvati Lina Hanson, E-RYT 500

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SNOW CANCELLATION POLICY: If Rutland City Schools are closed due to inclement weather,  Therapydia Rutland’s yoga classes are also canceled.  Please refer to our Facebook page or call us at 802-772-7801.

Chair Yoga

5-week session with Lina.
Increase your well-being through gentle stretching, strengthening slow movements, and improving your balance. We will spend a fair amount of the time exercising in a seated position in the chairs and if students are able we can also do exercises standing using the chairs for support. Exercises can be adjusted for individual needs.
Fee: 5 classes for $50
Sign-up: Call Therapydia @ 802-772-7801 or email us at info@therapydiarutland.com

The Anatomy of a Yoga Practice Workshops:

The Anatomy of a Yoga Practice is a 2 -hour workshop that combines functional anatomy, experiential anatomy, and a slow- flow yoga practice. Each workshop has a special anatomical or functional focus and will include a multi-media interactive discussion and will finish with a 1 ½ slow flow yoga practice devoted to experiential anatomy and improved kinesthetic awareness. These workshops are open to practitioners of all levels and all workshops are held from 12:00pm – 2:00pm. Workshop dates TBA.

Class Descriptions

Yoga with Darci

Therapydia’s classes are an eclectic hatha experience with a focus on the fundamentals of a structurally sound yoga practice. Precise alignment in standing, seated and reclined poses are woven together by a slow flow. Each class focuses on a unique foundational movement pattern and is sequenced to steadily build those movement patterns into more challenging asana. Therapydia’s classes are open to all levels. Beginners and those with a more skilled practice will be safely challenged.

Yoga Prana Shakti with Lina

As a 500-hours professional level Kripalu Yoga teacher, Lina Parvati will stay true to Kriplau’s legacy of cultivating Spirit and Mind while working on the Body, all in a compassionate and non-judgmental way. Each class brings awareness to Prana, cultivating and honoring the same. Students will be guided to better understand the details of physical alignment and the coordination of breath while moving in and out of postures.

With a sense of playfulness and exploration, each student on their individual level will work on improving flexibility, strength, stamina, body awareness and function of the entire body. There will be a mix of Vinyasa and held asanas. Each class is different, however breathing and relaxation techniques will always be used in order to calm the mind and reduce stress. More details around Prana Shakti here www.YogaPranaShakti.com.

If you would like to combine the two Saturday classes they build and deepen the practice to make it a 2 hours 15min retreat. It’s a full practice for the advanced student with stamina but anyone is welcome to do a double class. Both classes are however structured to work independently. Beginners welcome.


Unleash your power with Pilates+yoga+nonstop-movement. You’ll sweat, stretch, and strengthen-all in one workout!

Sundays: 9:00-10:00am with Darci
Thursdays: 5:45-6:45pm with Melissa

Drop in fee: $12.00 or 10 visit punch cards are available to purchase. Cost $100.00 cash/check/credit cards accepted. Minimum of 2 participants per class.

Please fill out the following form to register: Yoga Wellness Registration