Anatomy of a Yoga Practice

Join Therapydia Rutland for this special workshop. This is a 3 -hour workshop that combines functional anatomy, experiential anatomy, and a slow- flow yoga practice. With a special focus on the structural and functional anatomy of the shoulder complex, this workshop is perfect for yoga instructors or any practitioner hoping to deepen their knowledge of what is happening under the skin when performing asana. We will begin with an overview of shoulder anatomy, focusing on how this multi-joint complex moves in rhythm to create the most mobile joint in the body and how this mobility can lead to injury in a yoga practice. This will be a multi-media, interactive discussion. There will be a slow-flow yoga practice devoted to experiential anatomy and improved kinesthetic awareness of your shoulder’s mobility, stability, and its links to core stability.

Date: November 9, 2013.
Time: Noon – 3:00p.m.
Cost of the workshop is $50.
Please call us at 802-772-7801 to register.

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