Happy Holidays!

What a wonderful year this has been and I am so grateful for all of my yoga students.

Since there are no classes this week here is a sequence to practice at home!

A few notes:

1. This class is broken up into four sections. Maybe you are short on time? Just do the first two and practice the others later!

2. Props needed: blanket, strap and two blocks.  No blocks at home? No worries.  Place a chair in front of you for the lunge pose and at your side for triangle pose and the half kneeling hamstring stretch (when your blocks move back with you like “stilts” for your hands)

3. The final video was cut short right at the end.  I finish with sidelying rotation to the right, just add the sidelying rotation to the left and then move into savasana.

4.  As usual, STOP if you experience pain.

5. Have fun!




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